How To Change Nameserver (DNS).

How To Change Nameserver (DNS).

Hi guys, In this blog post I am going to tell you about how and why to change nameserver (DNS). You only need three-step to complete these updates. Login to Domain control panel, click on DNS manager and then go to the nameserver and click on change then update the address which you got from the web hosting server.

Why It need to change nameserver.

If the domain has registered from other company and the web hosting server have deferent company in that case you have to change the DNS address to link domain and hosting. You have to update the Domain Name Server (DNS) address according to the web hosting server to link up both domain and hosting. Please see the below picture so you can understand easily.


DNS not connected.
DNS Not Connected
DNS Connected.
DNS Connected
Domain and hosting linked.
Domain and hosting linked

What is Domain Name?

A domain is a name that indicates you or your business name. this name registered wold wide. It is connected through the DNS IP address. Suppose my blog name is Digital Marketing Zone so my registered domain is digitalmarketingzone. There are several domain registrars in the world. It indicated through .com .in,, .asia, .us .uk, .club, .net, .info, .ws and so many more.

How To Choose Domain Name?

Choosing a Domain name is a quite difficult job in case of SEO. The best idea to choose a domain, at least one or two keywords should be there in your domain name related to your business. Those keywords will help to rank the website quickly. Google gives a high ranking for those domain names. Even if you are choosing your name as a domain then also add some keyword related to your business to rank higher in google. I do that always so I get free traffic from search engines. This is the best idea to get free traffic to any website.